Something Like Serenity

by Sondrous

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Łabandzi Śpiew
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Łabandzi Śpiew "Their debut is filled with a unique atmosphere that can't be described by words. To say that Soundrous make dream pop or shoegaze is a terrible understatement. Their music incorporates also elements of ambient, epic post-rock, relaxing music, acoustic music, psychedelic music, dark music..." ENGLISH: Favorite track: Something Like Serenity.
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codylikesmusic An amazing debut album from an incredibly talented ambient post-rock band. The way they blend ambient soundscapes with various stylistic differences to me is unbelievable. Never would I have thought I would hear Spanish influences, blast-beats and even a freaking shred solo on an ambient album. However, it just simply spoke to me on a profound level from beginning to end. Favorite track: Shelter.
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Sondrous is an ambient post-rock collaboration between Gideon Lamprecht and Jaimie Hull, formed in March 2018. "Something Like Serenity" was written and recorded during the winter months of 2018.


released September 3, 2018


all rights reserved



Sondrous Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: Adrift
You have touched my heart and warmed my soul
You have felt my scars and stilled my woes
Stay a while longer, why leave so soon
Goodbye lover, I will never forget you

Adrift in this ocean of consequence
The years of devotion have come to this
Look back for a moment in vain
Submerge with the burden and blame
Track Name: Something Like Serenity
In this desperate hour, all hope has forsaken me
The light is quietly fading out, as malice wells up from underneath

Writhes across my skin, blankets me with bane
It seeps through every pore, and gnaws into my veins
Defiles everything with its vexing shards
It saturates my core and desecrates my heart

The looming walls surround, with nothing useful between
In my abandoned shell, my resignation blooms from the seed

The talons draw me down into the depths eternally
The vital thread unbound, as it severs from the seams
The final breath is long as life departs from me
I have finally found something like serenity
Track Name: With You in Time
Rainfall upon the sea
The break of dawn over the trees
Days, they go by like dreams
Graceful, gradually

Fate brought us to be
Lay warm, never leave

How your eyes bare your soul
Mesmerized and aglow
With you in time and the unknown
We are alive, we are home
Track Name: Shelter
Lose hold on the reprieve
The shelter of dreams lifted from me

Awake, lifeless and weak, as night falls asleep again
I had believed in something different from what has been
Track Name: In Purity
I saw your smile, I saw your gleam
Things were so wild, yet so serene

We watched the skies move aimlessly
Opened our minds and wandered free, in purity

Life's been unkind to you and me
We gave our light in times of need

In the wake of brokenness, we found our way
We've found our purpose, but remember babe, those days will come again

Sorrow and pain will reappear
We will remain over the years

When all seems gone, I will be near
Just hold on, we will persevere
Track Name: The Wildering Stones
This is where I'll die, I feel it in my bones
There's nothing left inside, it left me long ago
I wither in the blight as the shadows grow
This shallow grave of mine by the wildering stones

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